Constantly challenging ourselves to deliver more to our clients

A world without Information and Communication Technology is hardly imaginable, and is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because so many tasks and processes previously boring and laboursome have become easier and better integrated because of ICT technologies. A curse because at the same time ICT is increasing financial and knowledge burdens on organisations and staff, unless managed properly.

Partnering with us is a logical choice.

Network & Cloud

Selection of components, sourcing, installation of hard- and software, documentation, maintenance

Security & Control

Proactive monitoring, remote management, preventative maintenance and helpdesk services

End-User Computing

Provision of hosted email services, business continuity and disaster recovery protection, online workplace

The starting point for a trouble-free functioning ICT infrastructure is a professional, clean and standards-based installation

Our know-how and experience, our proactive approach and continuous investment in ensuring the best skills and tools are available can make these burdens manageable. A partnership with ComTechnique is the best approach to ensure your ICT investments are safe.

Last but not least, we deeply care about doing what is best for your organisation, our passion is ensuring you work more efficient and safe, allowing you to outrun your competitors.